GRIMM’s New Michigan Cybersecurity Research Lab

GRIMM’s New Michigan Cybersecurity Research Lab

GRIMM has been a long time advocate of building Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) with a security-by-design approach. We advance our automotive and aerospace clients’ cybersecurity posture for all forms of embedded security concerns. For example, for the past several years, GRIMM has been a co-sponsor and staple at the SANS Automotive conference - a one-stop shop for bringing the automotive sector, including manufacturers as well as vendors, and the security industry together to discuss the complexities of securing citizens in commercial and personal vehicles. Hacking automobiles is not new, but as vehicles become more and more connected, and reliant on transferring digital information, the attack surface has grown tremendously, putting citizens’ privacy and potentially safety at risk. Bad guy’s no longer need physical access to your car to control the steering, acceleration, braking, or communications of your own vehicle.
This is where GRIMM excels. We have been working on this problem for decades. We believe firmly that the intersection of where hardware, software, and firmware is where most of your system weaknesses lie. Therefore, if it can drive or fly, likely our team has reverse engineered both the hardware and software, to understand where the flaws are. That requires significant space. We are excited to announce that GRIMM has opened a cybersecurity research lab in Michigan. Located in a former brewery, this open space is wide enough to park even your largest systems! Need an end-to-end security assessment or advice on how to best architect a system to support the security of an embedded device, connected mobility solution or critical infrastructure network? We are here to help!
Additionally, the lab has a dedicated classroom space to instruct hands-on training and advanced courseware for automotive, Internet of Things, and Industrial Control System (ICS) security. Did you miss GRIMM’s inaugural AutoSec course at the lab in April? Don’t worry! We’ll offer another one in the summer (week of August 27) and in the winter (week of December 3). Click here to register! We have plenty of off-the-shelf courseware that might be useful for your organization including software reverse engineering exploitation, Windows internals for developers and for security professionals, Linux internals, Linux Kernel exploitation and rootkits, introduction to vulnerability research, and advanced vulnerability research. Did you know GRIMM offers customized courseware too? GRIMM is happy to develop courseware for specific organization’s customized needs. This is particularly effective if you, your developers, or your security personnel work in niche areas, such as: cyber-physical security of  automotive, aerospace / drones, military platforms, medical devices or any connected device.
We’re proud of our Michigan roots. The engineers on our embedded device team were all born and raised in Michigan, and each one hails from the industries that make Michigan so great - automotive, aviation, and ICS. We care about helping these industries keep their customers safe, and their privacy protected. We established facility roots in Michigan given its proximity to the large number of automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and the defense industrial base supporting technology integration into the U.S. military’s ground vehicle and aviation platforms. Over the next few years, we anticipate growing the team substantially. GRIMM looks forward to being a continued staple in the community! Think you have the skills we need? Hit us up!

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