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Old dog, same tricks

Introduction Old dog, old tricks When enterprise software gets old, should we consider it tried-and-true, or decrepit and a threat, like the superglue holding the soles of my running shoes together? Old software that’s been humming around in the background hasn’t necessarily broken, but that doesn’t mean that you can necessarily trust it; in fact there should be a healthy skepticism when it comes to the security of old software, as not only do new vulnerabilities get discovered, but the capability of attackers grows as the bar rises higher in the game of cat-and-mouse. This should drive us to periodically review software that maybe we’ve been trusting, and today’s example is some software that has been around for a long time but has a landmine of a vulnerability. Beagle Software’s ClockWatch product line includes a number of solutions for setting clocks on machines and synchronizing them with high-accuracy time sources such as Global Positioning System (GPS), including an enterprise