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Launching the GRIMM Red Team

Since GRIMM’s inception, our dedicated teams have helped build confidence in clients’ underlying security posture -- largely through demonstrating the business impact of vulnerable systems during client engagements. GRIMM teams have covered functional areas in Application Security, Cyber-Physical (aka CyPhy), Tailored Software, Training, and CISO-level consulting. Many of GRIMM’s client engagements include an element of campaign-style adversarial security assessments to fully demonstrate the security risks inherent in underlying networks and systems -- that is, a Red Teaming engagement embedded within a broader security assessment.  Up to this year, GRIMM has been able to manage Red Team engagements as a part of other offerings -- that is now changing. Client demand has increased enough for GRIMM to now offer a dedicated Red Team platform, service, and leadership. This overall service enhancement builds upon a model that has worked so well for GRIMM -- support and grow proven capabilit