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Geeking Out On IBM i - Part 1

I remember the first time I tried to work on Linux.  Having spent most of my computer-time on DOS, Windows, and OS/2, many things on Linux were foreign to me.  I had unix access in college and had to develop programs in C using VI and GCC, but it was often the little things like having to unmount a floppy disk or CD before being able to remove it that confused me. IBM i has been an even greater leap for my brain still. On Linux, you have a bootloader which loads a kernel, which runs /sbin/init , which starts up everything else.  On Linux, you can substitute /bin/bash in place of /sbin/init to start an interactive shell as the main process of the operating system.  On Linux, you have a filesystem which starts with ' / ' and descends like an upside-down tree with tree-branches to create complex filesystems.  On Linux, configurations are split between files (textual and binary) in both the /etc directory and some files/directories in your home directory (likely in the ' .con