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IOT is even more of a risk than you thought

IOT is even more of a risk than you thought GRIMM purchased a  GeoVision camera  that arrived off-the-shelf with security vulnerabilities like most consumer IOT devices. The camera is a stand-in for any IOT device in a residential, industrial, or enterprise environment. The team demonstrated through a practical hands-on-exercise at  HackNYC ,  RSA ,  Hack the Capitol , and multiple BSides where participants learn how to use a publically available  exploit  to compromise an emulated home network. The team modeled the design and configuration of the hands-on-exercise from a traditional use case: A router with a forwarded network port A publicly accessible IOT camera A Windows computer that stored a treasure trove of valued, personal data Though the traditional use case may well be known as a textbook style situation, newer products offered by IOT vendors such as  Nest  and  Ring  leverage cloud-based services to simplify the technical burdens that an end-user may endure when