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Power Architecture Research Collaboration

Power Architecture Research Collaboration The  National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc . (NMFTA),  NXP® Semiconductors  and  GRIMM , a cybersecurity research firm, recently partnered to conduct an R&D project focused on Power Architecture®, also known as PowerPC®, a technology commonly found in automotive ECUs, to determine its cyber security impact on the heavy vehicle industry. NMFTA commissioned the research project to deliver an open-source software library and/or code enhancements. The research also supported testing validation code and tooling accuracy to perform the necessary regression testing on the NXP-provided devices built on Power Architecture® technology. “Conducting this type of fundamental platform research and making it publicly available will ultimately lead to better and more secure end products,” said Urban Jonson, Chief Technology Officer of NMFTA. About Power Architecture Technology Power Architecture technology was originally developed by Apple,