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HAX goes International

HAX goes International The eyes of the world were recently focused on PyeongChang, South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics. While we watched athletes curl, skate, ski and slide across the frozen South Korean landscape, we at GRIMM had our own South Korean experience! Through GRIMM’s HAX program, which provides real-world, hands-on-keyboard cybersecurity experience to undergraduate college students, with the goal of preparing and shaping the cyber research community of the future, we teamed up with  Penn State Altoona  and  Professor Jungwoo Ryoo , PSU Altoona’s Head of the Division of Business, Engineering and Information Sciences and Technology, to create an Internship Program for five female cybersecurity students from South Korea, pictured above. These students were given real-world skills for how to work in a 21st Century tech company, preparing them for the workforce in the era of globalization. HAX challenges are real-world focused, requiring students to use any number