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SCYTHE Goes Atomic

SCYTHE Goes Atomic The SCYTHE team is excited to announce that our latest release gives you the power of  Atomic Red Team  with all the automation and ease of use of the SCYTHE platform. Plus, you can now create and  share your own SCYTHE threats  allowing the ecosystem of adversary simulation to expand via the community! What’s new in version 2.4? Signature avoidance: imphash, program database, and timestamp randomization Import and export User-defined threats Improved support for multiple clients on the same device simultaneously Integration of Red Canary’s Atomic Red Team Exercises for automation Updated MITRE ATT&CK Summary Signature Avoidance The “synthetic malware” binaries SCYTHE creates now have even more defense evasion. With the option to set or randomize your Program database (PDB) paths and timestamps you control the artifacts for your Blue Team to find (or not). Additionally, our team has added in an amazing technique for randomizing Import Hashes. (Sta